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Recent activities

Recent and previous activities TELLConsult's representative, Ton Koenraad, was involved in.

  • We attended and contributed a workshop at the second multiplier event (Nov. 2016) in one of Antwerp University's beautiful, historical buildings.


  • Invited to attend the 5 day workshop “Interactive Exchange Workshop (Oct. 2016) on how to use student response systems organised by the M-Lang project we also presented the iTILT projects. (more info here)

  • External Evaluator in EU Project PETALL (Pan European Task Activities for Language Learning)

  • After attending the PETALL final project meeting as external evaluator in Granada, April 2016, we contributed to the international conference 'NEW TRENDS IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE TEACHING​' organised there by the project team.​

  • Attended & presented at the EUROCALL MALL SIG Symposium ' Perspectives on the integration of Mobile Assisted Language Learning (MALL) tools in the teaching & learning of foreign languages' (May 2016) in Romania. More details here

So requested by a school consortium we ran a customised version of our ErasmusPlus course on Interactive Whiteboards in Language Education (February 2016) at the University of Leuven, Belgium. See this brief video impression on course activities, Leuven City and its potential for (incidental) social events.

  • As invited speaker at the ICLON annual, national Good Practice Day event (Feb. 2016) Leiden University), we presented the results of the first iTILT project (2011-2013) and then the aims, design & interim products of the 3-year follow-up project 'Interactive Teaching in Languages with Technologies' iTILT (2014 -2017).

  • Presented on mobile phones at the so-(ErasmusPlus)-called 'multiplier event' in NICE (Jan, 2016), organised by the local partner team, led by Shona Whyte, for the EU project iTILT. More info here

  • Trainer partner in the EU project TKEYHIL on 21st Century Skills in high interaction environments.
  • Contributed to the SLanguages 2015 Conference as panellist on behalf of the CAMELOT project.

  • Presented iTILT 2nd Edition at the Mini Conference & Networking Event Karlsruhe, October 1-2, 2015 organised by the EU project 'MOBILISING AND TRANSFORMING TEACHER EDUCATION PEDAGOGIES'

  • Shared my views on how results of EU projects can be exploited in initial and in-service teacher education at the ISNITE 2015 conference in Greece. 

  • Partner in EU Project 'CreAting Machinima Empowers Live Online language Teaching and learning' responsible for dissemination and exploitation. 

  • Presented the aims and set-up of the 2nd edition of the iTILT project at the 2015 EUROCALL conference in Padua

  • Was interviewed by the EU project CAMELOT about the potential of Machinima

  • Presented my external evaluation interim report of the PETALL project at the team's second meeting in Belgrade (July, 2015)

  • Member of the advisory panel of EU project GOBL (Games Online for Basic Language learning) 

  • Partner in EU project EUROVERSITY,  a network to share good educational practice in 3D virtual worlds. More info here

  • Presented the EU projects 'Euroversity' and 'Camelot' at the Dutch bi-annual conference for informatics NIOC in April, 2015. More details here.

  •  Concluded fourth week of the interactive whiteboard training programme for the EU project Tabula Alba project at Balikesir, Turkey (April, 2015).


  • Invited speaker at the Dutch bi-annual conferences for teachers of French and teachers of English.

  • External Expert Assessor of project proposals for the EU-LLP programme  (this activity is continued in the ErasmusPlus programme at a national level since 2015)

  • Invited by the National Agency's Centre for internationalisation of teacher education for the second 2014 meeting of their CILO network of teacher educators, I presented a number of my EU projects highlighting those results that are of particular relevance to students and professionals in teacher education. Find my presentation and additional resources here (November 21, 2014)

  • Contributed a shared keynote, workshop and a presentation on the Camelot project to the conference on virtual worlds organised by Fontys University of Applied Sciences on November 13, 2014.. Find a number of session recordings and presentations at this FB page 

  • Created a 3 min. video contribution on 3D worlds in Education as requested by the Euroversity Network project

  • Delivered the second 2-day workshop for the Irish teachers participating in the EU project TKEYHIL in Dublin on 18 & 19 October, 2014.

  • Ran the third, 5-day  workshop on Interactive Whiteboards (IWB) for the Comenius Regio Project 'Tabula Alba'  - this time with a focus on Classroom Dialogue - in Opole (Poland), the final week of September, 2014.

  • Together with some partners in the EU network project EUROVERSITY we contributed to the Euroversity Symposium at the EUROCALL Conference 2014 in August in Groningen, Netherlands. 

  • TELLConsult, invited as external evaluator of the PETALL project, contributed a project SWOT analysis to the kick-off meeting in July 2014

  • The conclusions were based on the project's application text and the experiences many of the project partners shared in the ETALAGE project. 

Tellconsult was invited plenary speaker at the LKPA 2014 conference 
and was asked to join the panel session on language education developments & policies in the U at the Lituanian Houses of Parliament. 

  • Ran a 5-day IWB course in Balikesir, Turkey for the Comenius Project Tabula Alba in April, 2014. 

    Invited by Utrecht University delivered a guest lecture in the Master of Education programme on the topic of Interactive Whiteboards in Language Education and presented the related EU project iTILT resources in March 2014.


  • Ran a 2-day workhop on #IWB commissioned by the Luxemburg Ministry of Education 4 language teachers at the National Institute for Language  In February 2014.

  • Ran a 5-day IWB course in Opole, Poland for the Comenius Project Tabula Alba in November, 2013. 

  • Presented the training needs analysis research report at the final conference of the EU project SmartVET on IWBs in vocational education in Ireland, also using the beta update of the Socrative website to involve the audience. (October, 2013)

  • Presented my paper on EU experts' views on the future of Language Education and the results of the  iTILT and SmartVET projects in the EU projects strand at the EuroCALL 2013 conference in Evora, Portugal.

  • In 2013, TELLConsult, co-initiator and partner in the EU projects iTILT and NIFLAR organised Comenius courses these projects are offering in collaboration with the University of Coimbra, Aveiro and the Technical University of Valencia.

Chaired the iTILT 2013 Comenius course 'Using Interactive Whiteboards in Language Education' in Valencia. 

  • Invited speaker at the Café International 2011 Conference to provide ideas on virtual mobility for Internationalisation @ Home policy development at Hogeschool Utrecht (HU), organised by the HU Staff Education & Research team. 

  • Invited speaker at the final meeting of the EU project 'ETALAGE'

  • Animator, together with British Council project partner Graham Stanley,  of  a workshop on IWBs in Language Education at the REAL-TICE conference in Madrid, organised  by the European Network of Language Teacher Associations (REAL)

  • Coach and trainer in a pilot project for the NL ANGLIA network to make training and testing of oral language skills more flexible with mobile technologies. 

  • Interviews with EU MFL/CALL experts Colpaert, Guichon, Müller-Hartmann, Davies & Lund for inclusion on the 2011 centennial festivities DVD of  the National Association of language teachers in the Netherlands ´Levende Talen´

  • Poster presentation on the iTILT project on the use of Interactive Whiteboards in Language Education at the EUROCALL 2011 Conference at Nottingham University, UK.

  • Coordinator of WorkPackage 2 (development of 3D virtual world) of the EU- KA2 Project 'Networked Interaction in Foreign Language Learning and Research' (NIFLAR)