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Warming up for the EUROCALL 2017 Conference

on Sun, 08/20/2017 - 23:50

To prepare for the EuroCALL 2017 conference we treated ourselves to a short retreat at the Isle of Wight 
We greatly enjoyed the beautiful sceneries touring the island by car including landmark highlights such as:

the Needles in Alum Bay  

and the view at Freschwater beach 

and walking the coastal path from Sandown to Ryde. Find a brief video impression here

​Some of the pictures during that walk (see below) brought on some reflections on life on (British!) islands.

Assuming that when on holiday one tends to focus on the attractive aspects of the location some came to mind including the advantages of the inherent small-scale dimension reflected in infrastructure, agriculture, tourism and local communities and related manifestations such as landscapes, traditions in architecture, fashion, furniture, (food) products, beach culture etc.  

Finally, coming across this (imported?) 2CV collector's item made me sentimental, 
the more since it was a very popular car brand during my student days (and or rather because! affordable). And also it reminded me of how I brought my first over during my year at Sheffield University back in the sixties!

​Finally on the last day of our visit we enjoyed the rustic beachlife scenes and the enormous stretches of low tide sandbanks at the beach near Ryde. 

But then - at some point - with great memories of this beautiful island,  the ferry took us back to Southampton while looking forward to lots of fresh input on developments in CALL  and meeting (ex)project partners, colleagues, friends and new CALL adventurers.