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TELLConsult's summer activities for the EU project 'iTILT2'

on Thu, 09/08/2016 - 18:25
As iTILT2 partner responsible for dissemination & exploitation we were 
involved in a number of activities this summer: ​
M-Lang project multiplier event
As associate partner TELLConsult got invited by the EU project M-lang to attend their 5 day workshop “Interactive Exchange Workshop on how to use response systems and ICT tools for creating interactive learning” at Patras, Greece, in October 2016.

The M-Lang project is about mobile enhanced tools and approaches for innovative language learning and assessment. It is part of the HiST project coordinated by The Developing Excellence in Education and Learning (DEEL) Research Unit which is located at the Faculty of Technology, Sør-Trøndelag University College in Trondheim, Norway. The unit conducts research and development related to:
•design, development, use and implementation of new teaching and learning methods into higher education, upper secondary education, primary education, and vocational education and training
•pilot development of new, state of the art ICT and/or mobile learning tools and services 
Paper submitted for EUROCALL MALL Sig Proceedings
We developed and submitted the first draft of the full version of the paper we presented at the EUROCALL MALL SIG Symposium ' Perspectives on the
integration of Mobile Assisted Language Learning (MALL) tools in the teaching & learning of foreign languages' at Lumina University in Buckarest, Romania (more details here)

Contributions to recent iTILT publications
We wrote up our recent dissemination activities for the summer edition of the iTILT 2016 Newsletter. This newsletter #3 can be downloaded here.
​We also contributed to the iTILT2 interim report for the UK national agency that was recently submitted.
Invitations for new ErasmusPlus KA2 project initiatives.
As associate partner of the MTTEP project 'Mobilising and Transforming ​Teacher Education Pedagogies' on tablets in teacher education we were
contacted to participate in and help find potential partners for a follow-up project to further develop the mobile learning toolkit.
More associate partnerships
Earlier this year we joined the TELL-OP project as associate partner (more detail here). Due to the late cancellation of our summercourses (see below) we could not attend the project's one day seminar, as part of the TaLC 12 conference in Giessen, Germany and also had to skip the annual EuroCALL conference.
We also communicated our interest in an associate partnership with the EU project IncluEdu and joined their community. The project offers courses on tablet use with a special focus on inclusive, personalised education for people with and without special educational needs. 

Summercourses 2016 cancelled, planning 2017 started
As reported before we could not run most of our courses this summer including the updated version of our iTILT ErasmusPlus course . (more detail here). As we can scale up our course activities in the next years thanks to our partnership with EUNEOS, another experienced EU course provider , we are currently sounding out our tutor network, related project partners and practitioners to help staff our courses which run in a variety of EU locations.