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TELLConsult's latest training activities at the Universities of Leiden and Leuven

on Sat, 02/20/2016 - 15:07

As we were invited by ICLON (Leiden University), the organisers of the annual, national Good Practice Day event, to run an ICT-related workshop our proposal was accepted to present recent developments in a number of EU projects we are currently involved in.

We opted to run a workshop on the use of tablets and interactive classroom technologies.

We first presented the results of the first iTILT project (2011-2013) and then the aims, design & interim products of the 3-year follow-up project 'Interactive Teaching in Languages with Technologies' iTILT (2014 -2017). This included a video illustrating the use of the interactive whiteboard for task-based telecollaborative language learning. (see PPT here).

We then followed this up with a hands-on activity where participants were invited to explore the affordances of a number of Apps for specific curriculum activities. To facilitate the access to references on the topic, the App selection and the exchange of personal experiences and views we reused an adapted version of the Padlet page we had prepared for a related workshop at iTILT's first multiplier event at the University of NICE (more details here).

We also ran an ErasmusPlus course on Interactive Whiteboards in Language Education at the University of Leuven, Belgium.  For this occasion the course contents were customised on the basis of the requirements of a particular school team. Thanks to the support and excellent facilities (including large touch screens) provided by the University's learning centre, Agora, there were no technical problems and participants had ample opportunities to adapt model MFL ideas for local use and also further develop their board skills using advanced applications such as widgets and SMART response.