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TELLConsult's latest EU project related dissemination activities

on Sun, 02/15/2015 - 00:17

Invited by the organisers of the  Dutch section of the EU Association Européenne des Enseignants (AEDE) Ton Koenraad (TELLConsult) presented at their annual conference on the educational potential of 3D platforms for telecollaborative learning & internationalisation at Home. 

In this context the CAMELOT Project was referred to when he highlighted the potential of developing intercultural competences by having international student teams produce Machinima. For an impression of the ambience and audience check out this brief videoclip.  

Earlier that same week he attended another conference in Amsterdam on internationalisation in primary and secondary education co-organised by a number of parties including the National Agency.


Finally in a workshop for the Medilex Education group on ICT tools to support the development of speaking skills some ideas were listed for whole-class discussion and presentation skills when using specific videos and  machinima in the classroom.

At all three conferences flyers about EU projects (Euroversity, CAMELOT, SmartVET) were distributed including one with TELLConsult's offer of Erasmus+ summer courses based on them.