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TELLConsult at TKEY HIL project kick-off meeting at Udine, Italy

on Mon, 03/17/2014 - 23:42

The second half of week 11 we attended the kick-off meeting of the EU project 'TOOLS FOR  LEARNING EU KEY COMPETENCIES IN HIGH INTERACTION LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS ' TKEY HIL' . Aims of this Leonardo Transfer of Innovation project are to innovate traditional teaching methods, which nowadays are still too focused on rote learning, through an effective use of digital technologies: IWB applications combined with concept/mind maps and other HIL tools (High Interaction Learning). This project regards the application of these technologies applied for the development of the European Key competences (Recommendation 2006), such as digital competences, foreign languages, entrepreneurship, math and scientific subjects, and learning to learn.

TELLConsult got invited to contribute input on WEB 2.0 applications and Interactive Whiteboards for the teaching of languages in the VET domain.

Hosted by the coordinating institution, ENAIP, in Udine this 3-day event was attended by all the facilitators of the partner institutions. On the right Gilberto CollinassiENAIP's training design director at the opening session, detailing the aims and planning of the project.

Then, on one of my strolls I found out - to my great surprise - that an Italian pub was (also) serving Gulpener beer from a Dutch brewery in Gulpen, Limburg, in the south of the Netherlands. 

The brewery was founded in 1825 by Laurens Smeets (WikiPedia). I thought I had better check this info on this small but popular beer brand as in the pub it was advertised as a Belgian beer.

But no problema! Belgium is around the corner there :-)