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TELLConsult contributed to EU project proposal on machinima in language education

on Thu, 02/28/2013 - 12:58


TELLConsult was invited by a consortium of Universities and SMEs led by the University of Central Lancashire (Michael Thomas)  to join an EU project proposal to produce a set of model machinima to illustrate their application in language education.
The main aims of the project are:
CAMELOT aims to create and test m a c h i n i m a that are designed to promote language learning, intercultural exchange and digital literacy skills among the participants.  
CAMELOT will store the m a c h i n i m a in open access repositories enabling language learners, instructors and teacher trainers to use, reuse and share them during the lifecyle of the project as well as in a sustainable way following its formal completion. Along with the language-related m a c h i n i m a , there will be guidelines about how to create them in immersive environments.   
CAMELOT will create an online community of practice around the m a c h i n i m a promoting their benefits among a broad cross-section of educational sectors and disseminate good practice via a range of academic and practitioner venues including conferences, workshops and symposia.   
CAMELOT will impact national policies in the area of language learning, intercultural communication, and digital literacy skills, raising awareness of creative and flexible forms of learning and the potential of immersive virtual environments to promote telecollaboration and networking between educators across the EU.   
The video recordings aim to promote intercultural communication and opportunities for learners from different cultures to co-produce digital artefacts that can be shared and reused. Stimulating rich and meaningful intercultural exchanges among language learners in the EU is one consequence of the networks CAMELOT will establish.  
TELLConsult will lead the Work Package Exploitation and contribute to the dissemination of the project progress and results and by coaching the piloting process at an associate partner school in the Netherlands.
By way of preparation and to be in a better position to contribute to the project definition I participated in the 5-week 2013 MachinEVO workshop and worked on a machinima as introduction/tutorial for the Comics Puzzler,  the 3D communicative game I designed for the NIFLAR project (see photo above). Thanks to help, time and effort from Christel Schneider (CSi-Train) and Carol Rainbow we got a most interesting result, check it out here.