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TELLConsult is an educational consultancy firm initiated Ton Koenraad

As a linking pin between research and practice its general objective is to contribute to quality promotion of Technology Enhanced Language Learning.

To this end the main activities are related to:

  • advising management and supporting ICT-coordinators
  • the acquisition, coordination and evaluation of e-learning and CALL projects
  • professional development of (language) teachers, teacher educators and material developers

TELL also stands for Technology Enhanced Lifelong Learning, the firm’s second focus of interest and expertise.

Activities in this strain are aimed at strategy and project development for the involvement of native speakers, student teachers and senior, ex- and retired language teachers in assisting secondary schools realising web-based language teaching. Among others, recent technological developments such as synchronous spoken communication and voice-enabled Virtual Worlds are used to help address issues resulting from the imminent shortage of qualified language teachers in a number of countries.

TELLConsult's time and expertise is also made available to not-for-profit organisations such as the English for Kids Foundation.

For more information see an overview of the activities TELLConsult representatives are/were involved in.

Contact data: 
GSM: +31611534974
e-mail: ton DOT koenraad AT gmail DOT com