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Some places available for EU-sponsored course on MFL speaking competences & Technology

on Thu, 08/16/2012 - 14:22

The interest in the international course ‘Methodologies and Technologies to promote oral communication in Language Education ' warrants another run in 2012. This time the event will take place in Valencia, Spain, the second week of October (week 42). Check this page for details, download the day-to-day program and/ or register here
Pre-booked rooms and/or recommendations for suitable Hotel accomodation of 50 Euro p/d and less will be made available to course applicants.

This 5-day course, one of the exploitation activities of the EU project 'NIFLAR' (Networked Interaction in Foreign Language and Research), is an initiative of TELLConsult in cooperation with two other, former NIFLAR partners,  the Universities of Utrecht and Valencia. These parties currently also collaborate in the EU network project  EUROVERSITY .
The first edition of this international course was successfully run as a Utrecht Summer School course in early July 2012 (week 27) in Utrecht, the Netherlands. See this blogpost for a brief impression.