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Preparing for workshop on Student Response Systems in Patras

on Sun, 09/25/2016 - 22:19
Having shown an interest to become associate partner in the M-Lang project TELLConsult got invited by its 'mother' project HiST to attend their 5 day workshop “Interactive Exchange Workshop on how to use student response systems (SRS) and ICT tools for creating interactive learning” at Patras, Greece.
The Interactive Exchange Workshop is going to address how to use student response system (SRS) tools to introduce and enhance interactive learning pedagogics. It is a workshop for teachers and trainers who want to share their experiences on using response tools to provide or receive instant or nearly immediate feedback in language training, and in other types of training courses. A professional network of instructors will act as animators to guide delegates to the world of creating engagement in the classroom and to apply mobile learning in outdoor learning activities.

Having arrived early I had a chance to also explore the surroundings: walked around a bit in Patras town and did some beach walking to get a good view of the famous Pylon bridge that connects the area with the Greek mainland.