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Latest news on Erasmus+ from Dutch EU National Agency

on Tue, 10/29/2013 - 21:06

TELLConsult concluded the September / October period by attending an information session on the Erasmus+ programme for principals and managers of institutions of primary, secondary and adult education organised by the NL European Platform organisation. 

The information provided was most topical as presenters passed on the latest developments on the Erasmus programme definition gathered on a special session organised by the EU in Brussels for all national agencies and ministries. However, as provider of Comenius courses many questions I had could not be answered yet. E.g. on the continuation of the course validation procedure (customary in Netherlands) and alternatives for the current Comenius-Grundtvig Training In-Service Training database (which will be discontinued), only to name a few.

Most of my other activities in this period were related to dissemanination of results of EU projects TELLConsult is involved in e.g.:

  •  At the annual conference of the national Association of Dutch Language teachers in Utrecht, the Netherlands we actively disseminated project information and flyers about the SmartVET  and Euroversity projects. Key multipliers at the NL national teacher educators SIG (OPLET) and the coordinator of the national Modern Languages expertise centre at the University of Leiden were given iTILT's memory stick with model IWB content files.



  • At the final conference of the EU project SmartVET on IWBs in vocational education in Ireland we presented the training needs analysis research report that TELLConsult was responsible for. To involve the audience we asked them questions and had them make predictions about specific survey results. For this we used the beta update of the Socrative website . Slighly less that half of the delegates present participated. Their answers to the question how big a percentage of their colleagues did not use the interactive whiteboard at the start of the SmartVET project (80% on average!) shows that the project certainly is well timed and obviously serves a need.

We presented a paper on EU experts' views on the future of Language Education. And we teamed up with projectpartners to do a workshop on behalf of the Euroversity network and present the results of the  iTILT and SmartVET projects in the EU projects strand.