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July: hectic but exciting month for TELLConsult

on Fri, 08/02/2013 - 23:42

TELLConsult's time and effort was spent on a broad range of activities in July. On the very first day of the month  we joined the group of delegates of the Comenius course 'Pedagogical Use of Interactive Whiteboards' and its course director Diana Barrister at European Schoolnet HQ in Brussels.

Invited by the coordinator of the EU project CPDLab to contribute to this course we presented on subject specific approaches to IWB use.

Most of our content was related to the iTILT project on IWBs in Language Education. However we also had the opportunity to share info on  (interim) results of the related EU project SmartVET and distribute its newly published project brochure. 

The next week was spent on finalising 2 papers for inclusion in the Proceedings of the EUROCALL 2013 Conference to be published later this year.
At the conference in Portugal in September 2 presentations have been planned, entitled “iTILT and SMARTVET: 2 EU projects to promote effective interactive whiteboard use in Language and Vocational Education” and "Expert views on how language education may develop in the next 20 years and what CALL could contribute".
We intend to work on extended versions of these short papers (current versions restricted to 1500 words) and will make them available when finished.
Then it was high time to do the final preparations for the iTILT 5-day Comenius summercourse. One of the activities involved was the creation of a course room using the Schoology Learning Management System (LMS), I got to know about at the course 'Pedagogical Use of 
Interactive Whiteboards' mentioned before.  The more since we regrettably had to cancel the Aveiro session in Portugual we were very pleased we could run the Valencia edition thanks to some last-minute registrations. Find more information on the contents and evaluation results in this blogpost.
While working on post-course activities including admin stuff, analysis of evaluation data, blog writing etc very good news reached us about our participation in the submittance of the EU project proposal CAMELOT.  Dr Michael Thomas (University of Central Lancashire), the intended coordinator of the project, mailed us to say that 'We heard today that we have been successful with the CAMELOT project KA3 bid!!'
CAMELOT stands for 'CreAting Machinima Empowers Live Online language Teaching and learning' and is due to start in December 2013. More information about the project's objectives and TELLConsult's role in this blogopost.

Heike Philip, co-initator of the proposal, had a chance to already present about the project at the Virtual World Best Practice in Education (WBPE) online conference see her blogpost with a link to the recording of her presentation here


So after the finalisation of the admin work involved for CAMELOT (e.g. Mandate letters), it looks like the preparations for our first contribution (a 5-day workshop) to the Polish and Turkish Comenius regio project 'TABULA ALBA' and the translation work for the SmarVET project (video clips, training programme and training manualwill also keep us occupied during part of August.