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iTILT project ended: impressive impact figures!

on Fri, 06/28/2013 - 22:22

The iTILT project finished this weekend and the final report was duly delivered to the EU commission. Just a few data from the final report to show how successful the results are on the disseminateion front (also testifying how proud partners are on the project outcomes and results):

The iTILT-website had 18,545 visits of 10,721 unique visitors and 42.3% returning visitors up to the end of June. In the top seven all partner countries are represented: Belgium (3,343 visitors), France (2,607 visitors), Spain (1,556 visitors), UK (1,516 visitors), Netherlands (1,428 visitors), Germany (1,385 visitors), Turkey (898 visitors).

Dissemination activities have resulted in 122 blogpost, 6 newsletters, a FaceBook page with 404 likes, a Twitter account following over 542 people, with 282 followers, regular discussions launched via our LinkedIn-group (with 727 subscribers), 461 listeners of our 20 podcasts in EN, FR, NL, DE, a curation site on with over 2300 views and 1520 visitors and contributions to online discussions about IWBs in language learning forums such as the IATEFL LT SIG. 256 iTILT training manuals (colour-copy) and 400 usb-sticks with the iTILT-materials on it have been produced to be distributed amongst stakeholders.

More details about the iTILT social media:

Statistics show that iTILT's crown jewels, the database with video clips of classroom practice, have been watched over 6,906 times (2/2/2012-11/6/201) and that the teaching material on Promethean Planet and has been viewed 3,730 times and was downloaded 60 times in 2,5 months' time. 

At least 5,800 dissemination partners and contacts have been reached through our six newsletters on the project progress.


The whole team gave over 40 presentations at local and workshops and (inter)national conferences and reaching at least 2.595 language teachers. In total we have disseminated iTILT to over 27,715 people!

The team contributed with seven articles to the book Interactive Whiteboards and Language Teacher Professional Development to be published by Continuum. The book is part of a book series on ”Advances in Digital Language Learning and Teaching”, which is edited by Michael Thomas, Mark Warschauer and Mark Peterson and aimed for teacher trainers and postgraduates. These articles are based on data and findings of the iTILT-project.


Research papers

In addition to over 40 presentations by the partners academic publications include 7 research papers to date, published or due to be published soon:

Whyte, S., Cutrim Schmid, E., & van Hazebrouck, S. (2011). Designing IWB Resources for Language Teaching: the iTILT Project.International Conference on ICT for Language Learning, 4th Edition.

Koenraad, A.L.M. (2012). Towards Effective Use of Interactive Whiteboards in the Modern Language Classroom. In: Alicja Wujec Kaczmarek (ed.) Technologie informacyjne i komunikacyjne w nowoczesnej edukacji - z perspektywy polskiej i europejskiej. Opole: MODN (Information and Communication Technologies in Modern Education - From Polish and European Perspective).

Whyte, S., Beauchamp, G., & Hillier, E. (2012). Perceptions of the IWB for second language teaching and learning: the iTILT project. In L. Bradley & S. Thouësny (Eds.), CALL: Using, Learning, Knowing, EUROCALL Conference, Gothenburg, Sweden, 22-25 August 2012, Proceedings (pp. 320-6).

Whyte, S. (2012). Developing and integrating teacher competences in language acquisition, pedagogy and technology.  In Causa, M., Galligani, S., & Vlad, M. (Eds.). Formation et professionalisation des enseignants de langues : Evolution de contextes, des besoins et des dispositifs.  DILTEC, Université de Sorbonne Nouvelle-Paris 3. pp. 220-31. 

Cutrim Schmid, E. & Whyte, S. (2012). Interactive Whiteboards in School Settings: Teacher Responses to Socio-constructivist Hegemonies.  Language Learning and Technology 16 (2), 65-86. 

Hillier, E., Beauchamp, G. and Whyte, S. (2013) ‘A study of self-efficacy in the use of interactive whiteboards across educational settings: a European perspective from the iTILT project.’ Educational Future, 5 (2), pp. 3-23.

Whyte, S., Cutrim Schmid, E., van Hazebrouck, S., & Oberhofer, M. (in press). Open educational resources for CALL teacher education: the iTILT interactive whiteboard project.  CALL.


So alas,  it is Exit iTILT, it was a labour intensive but gratifying project. We were a truly great team, not in the least thanks to the dedicated, inspiring and effective leadership of our coordinator, Margret Oberhofer (LinguaPolis, Anwerp University).
But there is also good news: there are plans to define a follow-up project: after all never change a winning team.

And for me personally, never a dull moment - enter the TABULA ALBA project. TELLConsult accepted the invitation to be responsble for the IWB training component in the Comenius Regional Partnerships Project ‘Tabular Alba' and joined the application which just got accepted: Project 2013-1-TR1-COM13-48781 is expected to start in September 2013 and will last for two years. It is an initiative of a Polish and a Turkish region  collaborating on local professional development in the Educational ICT domain with a special focus on IWB implementation. More info in this blogpost.