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EU Project on IWBs in Vocational Education

on Fri, 08/05/2011 - 11:50

The project application 'Supporting Continuous Professional Development of VET teachers in the use of Interactive Whiteboards' (SMART_VET) has been selected for funding by the European Commission under the Lifelong Learning Programme!  See below a summary of the rationale, aims & objectives of this 2-year, LEONARDO DA VINCI Transfer of Innovation project, coordinated by Fast Track Into Information Technology  ( FIT) in Ireland.

[...]According to extensive researches of JISC and BECTA, IWBs create a range of learning opportunities for both teachers and students. Teachers have found them highly motivating and learner-centred when integrated innovatively. In the past couple of years IWBs are beginning to find their way into Irish schools, which is mainly driven by motivation of enthusiastic teachers. Although VET Colleges in Ireland have started to invest more in IWBs, limited time and training resources are available to allow teachers to up skill in the use of IWBs. Many VET teachers are self taught and there is no recognisable online Community of Practice in Ireland dedicated to IWBs in VET. 
Project aims: 
- Identify good practice in the delivery of training on IWBs and transfer it to the VET sector in Ireland
- Provide VET teachers with competencies needed to design educational resources suitable to be used with IWBs and to integrate them in everyday teaching activities
- Foster the use of IWBs in the delivery of CPD programmes to VET teachers.
Project objectives:
- Undertake needs analysis of VET teachers in terms of IWBs training
- Select pilot group of teachers and train them as IWBs Champions during Workshops organised in Ireland
- Develop Training Programme and CPD materials on IWBs and create an online Community of Practice for VET teachers  
- Disseminate project outcomes and share experience with VET sector in Ireland and across Europe.

Excellent evaluation results
The project scored high in the evaluation procedure with 85.5 points out of 100.

TELLConsult is looking forward to contributing to the realisation of SMART-VET's results that are considered important for the Leonardo programme as this quote from the EU assessors' comment on the project's relevance testifies.

'The proposal outlined here clearly falls within the scope of the LdV programme as it addresses the CPD needs of staff in VET as well as introducing an ICT focused pedagogical innovation into course provision for VET students. Therefore, in terms of the general programme objectives, the case for fitting under objective 2 relating to the support of improvements in quality and innovation in VET is well made. A number of programme operational objectives including those dealing with the development of inter institutional cooperation, development of innovative practices and supporting development of ICT based content and services has also been appropriately addressed.
European Priority 2 chosen by the consortium has been sufficiently justified by providing back-up research documentation, references to major research works conducted by sector leaders and links to previous projects such as SmarTech and eTuition.'