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EU project iTILT presented at MTTEP conference

on Wed, 10/07/2015 - 22:32

As representative of the iTILT project (interactive Teaching in Languages with Technology, 2014-2017) TELLConsult got invited by the MTTEP project to attend their Multiplier event (Oct 1&2) in Karlsruhe.

This EU project 'MOBILISING AND TRANSFORMING TEACHER EDUCATION PEDAGOGIES' organised this mini conference to present and get feedback on a number of (interim versions of) their project outputs. And to provide a networking opportunity for parties with the same interest in innovation of teacher education and mobile, educational technologies.

The organising team managed to compile a most interesting programme with a balanced mix of input (keynotes & workshops) and knowledge/info sharing (poster & pechakucha sessions).
For iTILT my contributions (a poster and a 3" presentation) were targeted at 1) sharing the project's aims and approach and 2) getting feedback on the draft version of our training resource.

In my further networking activities I also shared information about some other EU initiatives we are involved in (e.g. CAMELOT project, EUROCALL and the Euroversity Association) and their related summercourses.


The specially provided time slots & flyer distribution locations were a great help to get in touch with fellow delegates. In this photo updating Prof. dr. Thomas Irion on iTILT's progress since he attended our latest meeting at Cardiff and provided intersting input about his research on tablets in primary education. Later that evening I had the pleasure to also share dinner with him and some members of his research team at the Schwäbisch Gmünd University of Education.