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Cleaning study leads to melancholic reflections

on Wed, 08/30/2017 - 16:17

The spell of minor quality summer weather we had some weeks ago motivated me to take up the longstanding challenge of cleaning my study.

Great to handle the key books that fed my special interest in CALL again. And - among simply getting rid of all sorts of dated stuff on my desk - cleaning also involved checking bookshelves on the relevance (for future (project)work or courses) of:

* archived (EU) project materials,

* conference proceedings & paraphernalia​

* journal issues

* hand & (text)books & teaching materials

* binders holding a huge collection of printed journal articles

and lots more...

all with the aim to create more space and -above all - some order to facilitate retrieving specific content when needed.

It left me with mixed feelings about personal time and energy investments on the one hand (the incredible pace of tech development vs the slow uptake in educational practice ) and the realisation that apparently exploring the potential of tools and doing related action research (also if ever so small) is needed and useful to develop CALL related pedagogical insights. 

​Also at the personal level I got confronted with Tempus fugit e.g. thanks to my student ID card at Utrecht Uni :-)