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Aveiro edition of iTILT summer course cancelled due to closing of all University buildings

on Mon, 06/03/2013 - 22:27

Regrettably we had to cancel the Aveiro edition of the Comenius summercourse 'Using Interactive Whitebords in Language Education' offered by the EU project iTILT

Last week we were informed by Prof. António Moreira, director of the Faculty of Education, that ' [...]  the University Dean decided to completely close the University from 5th to 16th August... ' 

This measure was apparently taken to reduce local expenses in reaction to budget cuts due to the (inter)national crisis. 

Having explored alternative solutions (same week but in other location in Aveiro, different week at the University) we concluded that the best option we could offer pre-registered applicants was attendance at the edition of the same course we run in Valencia in week 29 (July 15 - 19, 2013). The more since this course had already been confirmed. 
When consulted Mrs Dayus-Brouwer, the coordinator of the LifeLongLearning Programme at the Dutch National Agency (EPF), who originally approved this course, informed us that she fully supports this alternative recognising that TELLConsult, as course organiser, was confronted with conditions that are beyond its control.
All involved were informed about these changes and were sent documents that could be required when requesting National Agencies permission to spend the grant on attending the Valencia version of the course.