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My Bio

Summary of Ton Koenraad's bio data


MA English Language and  Literature, M.Ed (Utrecht University and Shef­field Uni­versity) 

Minors: Mass­commu­nication, Social Psychology;

 Professional Experience:

Secondary Education:

  • Teacher of English: Bonifatius College and College de Klop, Utrecht (1969, 1971-1990)

  • Trainer at Dutch national MFL expertise centre, CPS (1975-1987)

Higher Education:

  • Teacher of Pedagogy and MFL Methodology, Hogeschool Midden Nederland (1983-1989)

  • Teacher/Researcher CAL and CALL at Utrecht University (1986-1988)

  • ICT-Coordinator Hogeschool Utrecht University of Applied Sciences (1989-2000)

  • Senior ICT-E consultant, Hogeschool Utrecht University of Applied Sciences Faculty of Education (2000-2011)

After finishing my studies at Utrecht and Shef­field Uni­versity I worked for 15 years as a teacher in secondary education and at the CPS national expertise centre Modern Languages as part-time trainer of in-service language teachers.

Subsequently I worked in Higher Education where I held a variety of positions: Lecturer in MFL Pedagogy, Teacher/Researcher e-learning and ICT & CALL-coordinator.

For 20 years I worked as a language teacher educator and ICT-E consultant at the Faculty of Education of the Hogeschool Utrecht, University of Applied Sciences.

I am a registered expert for the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning  & the Dutch National Agency for the ErasmusPlus programme and contribute to former e-learningEuropa, now Open Education Europa

I actively participate in various networks, SIGs and CoPs; e.g. for the European Centre of Modern Languages (ECML) I moderated the LanguageQuest network.

In 2009 I started TELLConsult, an e-learning consultancy firm. 

Since then I initiate(d) and participate(d) in various EU projects. For an overview of other current activities see this page and find a portfolio with my recent activities here.